OT Adventures

  • From Last Year to Looking Ahead

    At the start of last semester, I purchased a split keyboard, computer riser and wireless ergonomic mouse, because I had started to notice changes in my spine, as a result of looking down at the desk in class and on the bus. My posture was pretty solid at home (because I set my computer on books) but I needed to establish an ergonomic set up at all times. Creating a traveling work station helped. I even brought my ergonomic tools to coffee shops. Soooo....I was surprised and pleased to discover that one of the major study sections in the last semester consisted of ergonomics. I'm a bit of an ergonomics geek and wasn't aware that OTs could specialize in this line of work. I may choose to specialize in this area in the future, though pediatrics and neurology is still a fascination. In fact, my professors commented on how ergonomics may be my speciality and noticed the strength of my work station in class. 

    Also, in the last semester....I taught an introductory Alexander Technique class to my clients in the SJSU clinic through modeling, verbal instruction and slowly moving through range of motion. Part of the demonstration included examples of what looks like holding one's body too tightly in both slouching and sitting upright. My classmates and I provided tactile feedback to clients by smoothing the back from the back of the head to the lower back. One of the clients kept making jokes, and I incorporated his jokes into the instruction. The class was successful, because the attendees changed how they moved and breathed. 

    School begins again next week. I'll be presenting a paper with my classmate in my OT Honors community, Pi Theta Epsilon, on cross cultural findings of basic and complex emotion recognition in children with autism. I'm also taking MBSR for the second time and am looking forward to studying MBSR within an OT context, in addition to having a place for maintaining well-being during school. I'm also studying middle and older adulthood, working in commuity environments and resuming cross cultural research for Taiwan and the U.S. on participation in home school and community for children with autism in my research group.