OT Adventures

  • Beginning Reflections

    I'm sitting in the basement grad student study room. I love this place, because it's quiet without any interruptions. It's day 2 of my last semester of course work. Before getting wrapped up in research and other plans, I wanted to share what I've been frequently discussing....I love that my OT program has transmitted the information on how to collaborate effectively and ethically.

    I remember first reflecting on this transmission in a collaborative assignment last semester. My classmate and I had different ideas about on how to apply an intervention for a hypothetical assignment on a client with spina bifida. I shared the necessity of using one aspect of the intervention with information about how our client would improve--while also listening to her concerns for the betterment of our client. I realized that I was practicing non-binary client-centeredness and collaboration on a team. I'm ethically obligated to serve clients' best interests while also respecting and hearing out my collaborator's choices. Additionally, the hypothetical client would be another collaborator in the process of deciding what works best. If one solution wasn't effective, another possibility would be explored until the client is able to practice the important and meaningful activities of daily life. 

    I recenlty heard: "There are more solutions than there are problems." This applies to what I'm learning.