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Occupational Therapist (OTR/L), Alexander Technique Teacher, Movement Researcher

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How I got here:

One afternoon during lunch, my grandfather asked: Have you ever considered trying the Alexander Technique? He used AT to heal an injured back and was interested in free movement. His question led to my life’s path for learning how to be in my body and investigating how we move and live.

I studied for two years before beginning a three year Alexander Technique program at 23 years old. I started a private Alexander Technique practice in 2002 and have worked with people from across the lifespan with the incorporation of Developmental Movement and mindfulness in individual sessions and group classes. My main focus is on Occupational Therapy that incorporates Developmental Movement and Alexander Technique.

Where I am:

In addition to being a home visiting OT/AT, I practice occupational therapy at Peer Projects Therapy from the Heart, an occupational and speech therapy clinic for children. I am a consultant for m.a.c. Pilates and Home Soil Projects.

I’ve Been Helping People Create Positive Changes In Their Lives For Over 20 Years.

Where I’ve also studied and worked:


My clients were relieving neck pain after 10 years, eliminating back pain, and able to decrease symptoms of anxiety, improving shoulder strength and flexibility.

  • I have taught Movement in theater programs at New World School of the Arts, Florida International University, University of Nevada, Reno, West Valley College, and many other schools and organizations

  • After years of working with AT for people of all backgrounds and ages in private practice and actors in academia, I decided to return to OT school to learn about specific diagnoses, such as autism, ADHD and orthopedic injuries.

  • I deepened my understanding to bring all of my knowledge to health systems with a holistic perspective.

  • My background is influenced by study of Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais, gyrotonics, Pilates, yoga and other somatic approaches.


my grandfather

Thanks to him, I'm who I am