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“My times with you will always be one of my favorite memories. Unlike the many training experiences I have had, yours has always stuck with me and I have been able to move freely again. Lasting effects are rare in this world."

Susan Pfeffer's Client - Dona

"Susan has had great successes with her clients in occupational therapy. Her contributions to multiple fields and sectors never ceases to amaze me. When a gesture is tense, she uses guiding touch, engagement in movement and a discussion of the musculoskeletal system to decrease tension. To this day--when I have a question about how to make an activity easier or more functional, I reach out to her."

Review Zoya

"Susan Pfeffer’s mastery of the Alexander Technique, along with her capability of imparting this skill on others is nothing short of remarkable. As a lifelong public speaker, not to mention one who suffered a severe herniated disc in my lower lumbars in my teens, her expertise has essentially changed the way I approach everything I do, both physically and mentally. Aside from maintaining a good posture into my middle-aged years (exceeding that of my youth!), my injury from decades ago has never devolved into anything worse. Thirteen years have passed since my last session with Ms Pfeffer, and her genius lives on through my continued wellness. She is truly a credit to her profession."

Susan Pfeffer's Client - Ralph

“I love working with Susan because she is always so creative and finds new and innovative ways of working with the body. Her vast knowledge and ability to see movement stems from the various modalities she has studied and continues to practice. I am always inspired and learn so much from working with Susan. "

Susan Pfeffer's Client - Melissa

"My experience with Susan was a one of a kind and enriching time. Susan taught me how to use my body and transform it into a source of power when being on stage. I’ve taken the Alexander Technique to new levels in the real world and applied them to my everyday work life. My favorite part of working with Susan is when she taught me how to walk in 6” inch heels and how to walk in all fierceness like a supermodel."

Susan Pfeffer's Client - Jimmy

Tom Arran Photography, Romeo and Juliet, produced by Hull Truck Theatre 2021.


"Alexander Technique completely revamped my relationship with my body. When I first became Susan's student I was consistently tense, and prone to collapsing my neck and spine which largely locked off my body and my speech. Thanks to her, I gained an invaluable foundation for how to relax, move, and speak freely, without unconsciously hindering myself, that helped me immensely in obtaining my Masters from Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and beginning my professional acting career."

Susan Pfeffer's Client - Richard
Photography by Faye Thomas